Jul 15, 2022 • 27M

Drugs for a Deity

Does the First Amendment protect bizarre drug speech in schools?

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Matthew S. Schwartz
Michael Vuolo
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Joe Frederick knew that students have some free speech rights, but he wanted to find out just how far those rights go. So when his high school class headed outside to watch the Olympic torch pass through their Alaska neighborhood in January 2002, Joe unfurled a 14-foot-banner that would test the limits of the First Amendment in school. Except… no one really understood what the banner meant, including Joe Frederick!

Does the First Amendment protect bizarre drug speech in school? Click play to find out.

TRANSCRIPT: Drugs for a Deity
FREDERICK: I tried to debate her over this in her office, asking, “Why am I being suspended? This is freedom of speech, you know, and I don’t see how I can be punished for this!” And I was simply told, no, that this is not freedom of speech, that I don’t even have freedom of speech. I quoted Thomas Jefferson to her, and then she punished me further by adding onto my suspension…
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Unprecedented host Matt Schwartz poses with the banner in question (2019)

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